Supported by advanced technology from TOSCO JAPAN, TOSCO CHINA was built in 2001, Soon, her several divisions grow fast and become one of main poles in relative area in the world.

TOSCO Fine Chemicals Factory is developing and producing some amazing fine chemicals, Her advanced manufacturing process and complete testing facilities obtain her good reputation in China and also praise from Europe, South Africa, Middle East etc.

Insects Repellent Products Factory is mainly producing some mosquito repellent products, almost 50% of the world market are using TOSCO raw material to produce local Mosquito repellent products, TOSCO supply virgin mosquito mats, Carbon wicks, Empty bottles, Mat packing aluminum foil , Electric heater or vaporizers etc. TOSCO supply her customers with stable good quality and low cost products, also supply technology in charge free, her customers grow is her main happiness. TOSCO is developing new products to repel moth, cockroach, ants,etc

Sales office- TOSCO SHANGHAI, this office takes all TOSCO home and abroad sales, flexibility and profession are the office staff characters.

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